DUI Law and Penalties

DUI Laws define penalties that are very strict and could create lots of problems in your personal life on short term basis. DUI Penalties like temporary suspension of driver’s license, participation in community service, substantial fines, alcohol education and treatment etc all these things are like interrupting your personal life in a planned manner.

Effect of DUI Charge

Effect of DUI Charge

It is a widely accepted truth that DUI charges leave long lasting affects on your personal and professional life. These penalties play the role of barrier and keep you away from moving ahead in your life. Let’s have a look on each penalty and its effect on your life.

Effect of Community Service

You may be asked to participate in community service in terms of penalty for which you will have to take leave from your work for a substantial amount of hours. This community service usually include liter picking up from the side of the highway. If you do an hourly rate job then it means community service will cost you a lot. If you are a paid in salary employee then your vacation allotment for a one whole year will be wasted. In this typical situation you are more likely to lose your job when you are in the real need of money to pay the fines.

Huge Fines without Employment

You have to pay substantial fines and court fees while you are not able to attend your job in a way you should just because of community service and loss of driver’s license. Besides, your personal living expenses are also increasing as your productivity is negligible. It simply means that your monthly expenses are increasing rapidly while you don’t have a sufficient flow of income.

Employment Loss due to DUI

It is important to note that DUI effects on your employment opportunity and makes it difficult for you to find a good job. Things become more complex when you don’t have a diver’s license to access your workplace and you have to use public transport which simply means outing more burden on your budget. You cannot hide conviction of DUI from your potential employer and this is very painful as it limits you from finding a new job.

Effect on Mental State

It is obvious that a person without good job, driver’s license, and with a DUI conviction, community service and huge fines to lose their stability. This situation can make people unstable mentally. This situation makes them very anxious and emotional. Many people feel the animosity that they have been charged wrongly.

Effect of Repeat Offense Penalties

Effect of Repeat Offense Penalties

The consequences of the first time DUI conviction are very horrible that make people mentally unstable. If they get arrested for the repeat Dui offense, then they become more disturbed. Many people are worried about bankruptcy and employment.

It is a fact that existing penalties for the DUI offense are rather instigating than settling down the offense. People who have already been convicted of DUI are more likely to commit the same offense in future due to the penalties that are inflicted. Thus, penalties should be rehabilitative in nature.