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Punishments given in California against DUI arrest

The common factor between jockey Patrick Valenzuela, actress Lindsey Lohan and Vice President Dick Cheney is that they all are presently or in the past, have faced the DUI issues. The last few years have witnessed an enormous number of DUI arrests and violations, and right from the beginning of this year there have been thousands of DUI arrests. There is one major issue of the Celebrities and secretaries, and that is they all drink and drive. If we take a look of the DUI arrests in California alone, we will find that last year, there were over 178,000 DUI arrests.DUI Speeding

And after one has been arrested then obviously he has to face the legal ramifications of this case, each time you get arrested you screw up your record for dui arrest. However, those who are offenders their licenses can also be revoked and any other punishments can also be given. By getting this license revocation punishment it will be impossible for them to get to and from work. Following are a few of the consequences for those who choose to drink and drive in the state of California, The individuals can get the following punishment:

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